The white Church Militant: The Black Robe Regiment being built by right-wing power.

The Event

ALT: Image shows poster featuring photos of resort and images of speakers on Black paper. LIBERTY PASTORS BOOT CAMP Coeur D’Alene, ID — October 16–19, 2022 Biblical training on how to become a Black Robed preacher/leader in the 21st century: Biblical Principles of Civil Government What does it mean to be a Black Robe preacher & how do I become one? • Does Rom 13:1–5 demand unlimited submission to government? Image shows photos and names of speakers.

The Leaders

Image shows Dan Fisher’s book, Bringing Back the Black Robed Regiment. Image shows a black and white drawing of a revolutionary way soldier in. front of a church.

The Speakers

Rick Scarborough

Screenshot of Apple Podcast page for Rick’s podcast, Mixing Church & State with Rick Scarborough. “ Christian historian David Barton we will discuss how easy it is to impact the culture if Christians will just show up”
Rick’s podcast

Mat Staver

Bob McEwen

Stephen Broden

Dran Reese

Graphic shows two stools. 1 is balanced society of large church and family, with a smaller gov’t. 2nd stool is “mission field” and is toppled due to large gov’t

Alex Newman

Action Items:

  1. Contact The Resort at (855) 703–4648 and demand they cancel their support of this event.



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